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I started this blog in the year 2012 and wrote around hundred posts on web development. When I found myself busy in coding at Cognizant as Javascript (UI) developer and finding no time to maintain this blog, I sold this blog to Max for 3000$ via flippa. But, somewhere inside me I had a feeling that this blog was meant something to me.

So, last year I saw an opportunity that Max was no longer maintaining this blog and bought it for 300$ with a hope that I can start to blog again. You can call it a good deal but the site was no longer getting visitors. When I sold this to Max, it was attracting 60 to 70 thousand visitors per month.

Well, we developers get so busy in 9 to 5 job that finding time to blog on regular basis is quite difficult unless you code and blog together. Same thing happened with Max and also with me after I bought this blog on July, last year.

After I purchased this domain I started hosting this site on Linode.com using WordPress CMS. But, I rarely wrote any post for 7 months. Suddenly, it hit me that why did I spent money on this and doing nothing. So, here I’m with my blog hosted free on GitHub Pages and Jekyll Site generator ready to roll.

Why I left linode.com and started hosting on GitHub pages

  • Linode is good, but GitHub pages is free. All you’ve to do is create a repository, point it to a custom domain and start writing posts using Jekyll.
  • Jekyll is awesome, It also has Admin plug-in which makes blogging a breeze.
  • There is no database, only static files. Every post and pages are markdown files (.md).
  • You only pay for your domain name. Which is negligible if you care for your personal branding and enjoy writing blog.
  • Use git push changes.
  • Make changes on local and see it live on localhost, then push it to GitHub. This is quite a hectic task in WordPress or Joomla powered blogs.
  • Use my favorite code editor or Jekyll admin to write my posts.
  • Anyone can contribute to this blog without any sophisticated plug-in, just fork the repository on GitHub, make changes and make a pull request.
  • And many more

What am I upto these days?

  • Well I’ve learnt many things in JavaScript. Right now I’m using React and Redux (not actually, but trying) to build site for my employer. More post to come on React and Redux.
  • Learning advance concepts in React and Redux.
  • Learning to code in Elixir and write concurrent web applications.
  • Learning Neo4j Graph database.
  • More to come, keep following my “Blog” :-)

Note: Stashed all the older and out dated content of this blog, starting from fresh.